You seek up an emotion,
Sometimes your cup is overflowing,
Sometimes your well is dry.

Updates, then?

I've been working at Store 24 on third shift for about three or four months now. I just cut my hours to leave time for a second job... that I just lost due to my inability to work with a debilitating sunburn.

I'm living near Central High School in an apartment that is too expensive for me and my trailer trash roommate, hence the immediate need for a second job.

I've spent the past six months in an attempt to pick up the pieces of my life. I've lost people that I'd relied on for a kind of support that they couldn't supply. I didn't realize how weak most of us actually are, especially myself.

The concert was enjoyable and exactly what I expected. I sat farther away than I would have liked, and Dave to played few of the songs I wanted to hear. Yet, the fact that I was there and I experienced him in something not prerecorded was enough for me. I can die now, but not before I see him again in better seats and likely alone.

*I seem to be leaving out that this is the concert where my mother and I became pseudo-enemies once again. The ride to Mansfield was a disaster, and not my fault, but somehow I suppose I'm to blame.

Catch you on the flip flop, bisnotch.