It's go time.

..... and I'm skerred.

..... Skerred, but excited.

It's looking out to be the longest week end of my young life, and then onto PSNH Boot Camp.

I just hope I like the drill sargent.


Take these chances...

In consideration that I no longer have a working computer and my new job at PSNH, it might be awhile until my next post. It could be weeks or even months before you hear an official peep from me, but I'll do what I can to get a new PC with the $$$ I earn.

I'm feeling FEARFUL, STRESSED and OPTIMISTIC at this moment.

My fear is obvious, as the big move from one job to another looms. The what if's are swimming all about me, biting at my knees and toes. I tell myself that it will work out, that it must work out, and yet the fear is here to stay.

My stress is abundant from multiple sources.

My last actual workday is tomorrow and I have an amount of applications that my co-workers will be undertaking in my leave. While I don't have any reponsibility toward the client's once I have turned in my badge, I feel like I must get everything done that I can. I think it's as a result of my guilt, which will be fully confronted Friday when Southern New Hampshire Services has it's annual summer get-together at the big bosses house. I'm really praying for a lot of booze and conversation about things other than Katie's exit.

The rest of my stress is mostly a result of my precious little roommate, who apparently sees me as her doormat. I don't want our relationship ruined because of her childish stupidity, but I can't help feeling beligerant. And finally, I'm stressed about the quickly oncoming event of training for Public Service.

The optimism comes from my doubtful hope that I will be successful at this job, that the training will not be too challenging and the transition into the Call Center will be effortless. My plan is to make the best impression I can on everyone that I come in contact with, because I've found that the more people I have on my side, the better. Makes sense, righto?

Wish me luck, please, and let me know whatcha think. I'm all ears!

♥ Kate

You got it, babe.


I went to Bean Town a couple weekends ago, so I thought I would share the pictures with you. In my ultimate show of Katie's true age, I went on a Whale Watch.


I see in your face the places you've been.

I am an employee of Public Service of New Hampshire, or so says the company's official 3-headed Cerberus, Elaine Dame. I should be feeling a heavy lift come off of my chest, yet it is quite the opposite situation. After 8 months of struggle to get in the door, the feeling is that I'm looking forward to quite a bit more struggle.

My rationalization is this: 16$ an hour is crazy money in the Queen City... PSNH will want it's bang for the buck. I've been a temp in several companies like this one, and it seems to me that they enjoy the Type A personality, while I rest very comfortably in the latter.

Can I be what they need? Am I going to fit in? Can I walk the scary thin line that is Uber Professionalism? I certainly haven't cut it at any of my former jobs, and even if I had stayed at Southern NH Services for a lifetime, it just isn't on the same planet as PSNH.

I can't judge my growth based on this small time job, for there are people who've worked here who spent years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon... the smelliest, angriest little Oompa in the Universe... and women who can't get in other jobs for various reasons...

In reality, this vocation is like "The Goonies" of the work force, a smorgasbord of mostly okay folks who've been sub-par in their previous positions. I am a "Goonie" in this sense, truly, and I think it's what scares me the most. I fit in at SNHS because I've been sub-par, and when I convinced PSNH otherwise, it was mostly BS.

The real question is, how long can I keep up the lie? Can Katie become the lie, and maybe be the kind of professional I wish I could be?

I'm definitely going to give it a go. Wish me luck.

This is Katie, conquering the T-Rex of all jobs.