Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else.

Is this a Squirrel Pirate, or a Pirate Squirrel? You decide.

I've been feeling a little disassociative lately. It's all the dressing up and enthusiastic smiling and trying so darn hard to be "Focused, Commited, HUMAN FIREWALL Katie". Yes, that's right, we need to see ourselves as human firewalls. It sounds kind of like a super hero, so I'm down with it.

Here again, I'm not going to delve into the new job too much because while I'm mostly afraid of some kind of jinx... it has more to do with the sensitive nature of the vocation. You understand. I will say that I have been extremely stressed out, with much cause. All I can do is be optimistic and work hard, right? I hope. Gahd, I really really hope it's enough.

I don't have a computer yet (sad face), I happen to be at my aunts house giving both you and my Ipod a much needed update. It looks like a new PC may be on the horizon, however (happy face).

I'm also thinking about getting some kind of Iphone or Ipax so that I can completely avoid the temptation to surf at work. If it saves my bum, it just might be worth the investment... since I lack in the self-control department. You know this especially, G-masta.

Anyhoo, it will suffice to say that my life is extremely transitional at the moment, and I'm putting in my best effort. Again, wish me luck, I may even ask for prayers at this point.

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