On another note, my current boy obsession.

Yes, it is Shia Lebouff.

I've been watching some of his recent movies, and man that guy has grown up since his days on "Even Steven's". In fact, he's starting to pull a "Harry Potter" on me [a.k.a. o jeeze, how'd he get so sexy?! Is it legal to be thinking this?].

I can't say exactly why I've been falling so hard for Shia. Maybe it's his awkard boyishness, the puppy dog brown eyes, or the intensity he seems to put into his roles. Lately, I've become really jealous of Rihanna...

Just thought I would mention it. I'm bored, so I thought you should know.

RIP Heath

The oddest thing happened when I found out that Heath Ledger passed away; my immediate reaction was "Oh my god, not possible! This has got to be a joke!" and I began googling it to death
just to prove it. Somewhere in the back of my head were the words but he's so gorgeous... and the accent... and talented... nooooo.....

Unfortunately, I found that I was incorrect. Heath did, in fact, pass away.

I also found that I was not alone in this reaction. Everywhere I looked there were posts with the exact reaction. Shock, dismay and disbelief.

I have always been a fan of his work, especially the groundbreaking and amazing Brokeback Mountain. He was a decent actor and, obviously, one of the sexiest around. The loss of Heath is pretty big and unbelievable one. Rest in peace.


Rediculously Awsome.

Colbert could sex me up anyday.