Dick will make you slap somebody.

I have to thank Michelle Collins from You Can't Make It Up for pointing this out on her blog. This has got to be the most ridiculously hilarious video I have ever seen on Youtube.

I think I'm moving to Atlanta so that I can watch their public access television.

This is all I heard. Katie took notes for you.

  1. All Penises are not created equal. Penis Power.
  2. Now her mind aint good, cause he done ejaculated his penis all up in her brain. She gone crazy.
  3. That girl is lonely. Her vagina is cold.
  4. Some men just have so much heat and energy in their penis, that you can just feel it radiating through they clothes. It’s on fire!
  5. This man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silver’s, and that plate’s like what, 2.99? But he can give you a mouth full of sperm?
  6. All this man is offering you is a side of penis.
  7. He is using his penis as a weapon to break her ass down.

Part 2.

Katie breathe. Wait. Can't. Stop. Laughing. Okay. More notes for you.

  1. If the man ain't comin', he gonna be goin' somewhere else, puttin' his penis in someone else.
  2. The penis is a heat-seeking missile, like a rocket. Information is encoded in it making it do what it do. It already knows its position.
  3. When the parts of penis hit them vagina walls, harmonizing and making them sing, a woman feels like she's in church jumping and shouting.
  4. Because he's in love with your vagina, that does not mean he is in love with you.
  5. A lot of time we run up on the penis that has all this power in it. That rocket. Launch it up in the vaginal canal.

Part 3.

The final segment of these installments. I can't even breathe long enough to take notes on this. Just. watch. O. M. F. G.


sourpatchbaby said...

No fair! Am at work! Can't listen to it! Not fair at all!

Slick said...

Damn...i live in Atlanta. i must've missed that shit!

Thanks for the laugh!