Girls like guys with skills.

My last temp assignment ended and a new one begins.

I’ve been pressing labels onto multivitamins and over the counter drugs for nursing homes, and I just have to say, gawlee, it’s been a life changing experience.

Mostly, it’s been exhaustingly boring and filled with the cast and crew of Napoleon Dynamite.

Napoleon himself acts in the body and soul of one Roger, who may truly believe that women prefer exaggerations and false notions over anything else. We had worked at Sylvania together and I remember him doling out tales of fighting a group of 20 Mexicans single handedly and things of the like.

He actually had the gall to repeat that particular spin to the little group and I held in a snicker with the memory of how his stories went down at the other job. When I spoke of a co-worker, Shane, he smiled and stated that he’d liked him, yet I specifically remember that he’d picked on Roger day in & day out. I’d even argued with Shane to lay off the poor guy, even if he was poking fun nonchalantly. It’s obvious that Roger hadn’t realized that Shane couldn’t stand him, or just liked the attention that he’d given him.

We have Pedro standing in as Raphael. Instead of the quiet, humble Mexican immigrant with big dreams, Raphael is a loud, bitter and overzealous Dominican with the ability to pass out political and personal judgments in a single bound. I’m the type that can’t walk out of an argument, even if it’s with a self proclaimed communist with opinions that aren’t backed up by fact. I may have given up, however, when he tried to tell me the Evolutionism was not the same thing as Darwinism. The last time I checked, Darwin was the first and only scientist to peg the “Theory of Evolution”. I’m not saying that I buy into the theories in their entirety, but I do know the facts of the case.

The other character in the group is Chip’s internet soul mate, Lawfandah. Her name isn’t as bold, she’s probably 30 years older and not looking for a goofy white boy to transform into a goofy white boy with gold chains. But if she’s any Napoleon cast mate, that would be the one. Alberta is the New York girl with opinions that only relate to her lifestyle. I like her, despite the fact that I’m not a home slice from the big NY, she’s relatable.

To speak of the job itself would be a bore, so I’ll just leave it at what I’ve previously said. The most interesting part of the ‘assignment’ is the people, and like the movie I've referenced, they’re as educational as watching paint dry, but funny none the less.
Hey, it’s a job and it’ll do for now.


sourpatchbaby said...

What is it with this Napoleon Dynamite junk???? Has everyone in the world but me seen this movie? Am I a dork for not watching it?

Katherine Marie said...

Well, I didn't like the movie at first because it seems really long and nothing really happened- but I caught on eventually and got the subtle humor. It's stupid funny. I was a late bloomer with it too, but I only referenced it because of the similarities in my co-workers. You should watch it, I think you'd like it.