Top 10 Boys

Holy George. I should get paid for this. I've been working on this list for a week and a half, unable to update it for more than 20 minutes or so at a time. Normally, I'd have given up a day into it, but I couldn't leave it with just my Top 10 Girls. I think you'll agree that it would look a little funny.

These are the 10 Hottest Celebrity Boys according to Katie. The spot for 10 & 9 are tied due to the consequence that if I choose one, I'm obligated to mention the other contrasting hotty. It's really only fair.

Here goes.

# 10. Jack & Sawyer

Matthew Foxx & Josh Holloway
Jack. Desperately in love with the criminally flighty Kate, but unwilling to act on it or even admit it. He's a Doctor and the son of a brilliant surgeon, who he always seemed to let down in one way or another. When daddy became an alcoholic and caused the death of a patient, Jack had too big a conscience to pass the buck somewhere else. Due to Jack's betrayal, his father decided to drink himself to death in Australia. Jack got onto the fated plane with a casket in tow and an extremely guilty conscience, yet was able to immediately win the survivor's trust in a very "Lord of the Flies" fashion.

Sawyer. He also entered the fated plane with a guilty concience, due to his responsibility for the death of a man who he'd believed ruined his life. As he seemed to be dealing with his wrongful murder and hateful grudge, he fell for the girl who was most interested in his tale... the girl who all but projectile vomited at the sight of him... but seemed more that willing to boink him dirty when his life became threatened. Even though Kate the Amazon seems to have retreated back to Jack emotionally, it's hard to believe she doesn't have feelings for Sawyer. He certainly has them for her. Grr.

#9. Angel & Spike

David Boreanaz & James Marsters
Angel. His name says it all. He plays the vampire with a soul who cannot achieve 'true happiness' ( sex with Buffy) without forfeiting his soul. He has spent his time on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" as the quintessential soul mate, hurling the confused girl's life into a constant state of angst. He exited after the third season in order to start his own break-out series, and to end the constant conflict of "Will he lose his soul on her stomach? Won't he? Will he?!". Angelus has been saving the lives of victims in the pun-intended city of lost angels, and I'm far too lazy to find out if the show has actually expired after all these years.

Spike. He's the rebel vamp without a cause, formerly known as William the Bloody. He once had a reputation of Slayer Killer and has spent many a season carefully scheming ways to take Buffy down, only to have his ass kicked in many a funny fashion. Finally, Spike came to realize what had held him back from 'giving it to her good and proper'. He was in love with the Buffster and always had been. Long story short, Buffy had a kind of re-introduction to the world and found herself less human and banging the bajeezis out of her best frienenemy, Spike. Once she realized that she was sleeping with the enemy and walked away, Spike got his soul and sacrificed himself for her. Don't fret, his ghost shows up on "Angel" in a jiffy.

#8. Mcdreamy

Patrick Dempsey
He's the dreamiest doctor in television, probably since George Clooney put on a gurney on E.R.

Mcdreamy is so hot that when he lied (by omission) to his gorgeous girlfriend about being married, she forgave him. Not ONLY did she forgive him, but she begged him to divorce his vixen wife and choose her instead. She was practically on hands and knees with a speech very much like the one Julia Robert's gave in "My Best Friend's Wedding". You had to feel humiliated for her, but you understood. He's worth it... Just look at him. Seriously.

His role on the show is total asshole once again, since he's in the process of breaking Meredith's heart a second time. But you still can't hate him, and when she begs for his affection in another pathetic attempt, the reaction will probably be "Wow, that's desperate. I get it. He's freaking Mcdreamy."

#9. Romeo

Leonardo Dicaprio
People either get him or they don't. There are gals who think he was an effeminate boy in his late teens & early twenties, and feel now he's blossomed into one weird looking dude. I don't necessarily share that school of thought.

Leo definitely has an odd look to him, but it's an appealing oddness. He was a little girly during his Romeo and Titanic days, but the beating heart and undying boyish spirit brought it into a sexy perspective.

He's been taking on roles that tackle the hard issues these days, which is something I admire. He's an avid Environmentalist and somewhat of a political activist, while choosing acting gigs that showcase such beliefs. I think he's come into his looks quite nicely, from heart throb boy to chiseled man.

#6. Unbreak My Heart.

Tyson Beckford
I feel Toni Braxton's pain. The thought of this chocolate Adonis breaking his face and dying in a motorcycle accident would force me into emphatic miserable wales, too. It could even make me sing a ballad or two, but I'll let Ms. Braxton do the singing.

I don't know much about Tyson, except for his roles in music videos and print.

I would do some research and get to know his personality and work a little better, but why bother? I'm content with knowing just how darn pretty he is.

#5. Meet Joe Black

Brad Pitt
Say what you will about Brad Pitt, I'm saying that he is an intolerably beautiful man to even the highest of standards. He has a full set of pouty lips, he almost always has a chiseled, rock hard body, and a smile that could melt anyone into submission. He was sensual, honest and good as a vampire, rough around the edges as a cop, and the hottest, most creative imaginary friend... among many other characters in many different movies.

The sight of peanut butter still makes me sweat a little... okay, a lot.

#4. Glycerine

Gavin Rossdale
I do not like Gwen Stefani. Why, you ask? It's simple. Her husband, one Gavin Rossdale. I saw him in person at my very first live concert, at the Hampton Beach Casino some years ago. It was a very sexy introduction to incredible and professional live music. Not only is he a talented singer, he might be the most physically attractive person I've ever been in a room with. Seriously.

Pictures have yet to grasp the sick beauty that is Gavin. He had the charisma of a latin lover, the face of some mythical Adonis, a sexy voice that rocked the house, and intense bedroom eyes.

When I watched him, the only thought in my head was "I have never seen a man before this day." With the exception of Dave Matthews, this still remains true.

#3. Jordan Catalano

Jared Leto
Jared isn't well known for his acting. He had one minor role on "My So-Called Life", an early 90's teen drama about angst in a world full of plaid. He was the dreamy bad lad who Angela Chase, the red headed heroine, spent her time hormonally obsessing over. I can't blame her... he has such soft and intricate features, even when it was clear his Jordan character was dumb as a doorknob, you couldn't help but wonder if there was more there.

Other than his stint as Jordan Catalano, he's shown his perfect mug in minor supporting roles... Wynona's Vietnam deserter who tried to break her out of the mental institution, the pretty face that was ruined in "Fight Club", and other such gigs.

These days, you'll mostly see him gothed out for his performances as lead singer in the rock group "30 Seconds To Mars".

#2. Alfie

Jude Law
This is a man that could make any word sound sexy. Snuffalufagus. Boise. Nickerbocker.

When he wraps his tongue around a word, it's instantly the best thing you've ever heard. I cannot count the number of times I've gone into hypnosis while watching one of his interviews; the gratuitous overload of such a beautiful face and smooth English accent has a tendency to short circuit my brain. In fact, I think I'm having a little seizure just thinking about it.

My favorite performance from Jude was, hands down (and preferably on him), in the futuristic Speilburg movie 'Artificial Intelligence'. Why was this my favorite performance? Was his acting Oscar worthy, or something?

Hell no. He played a Sex Robot.

Yes, that's right. He was programmed to love anyone, anytime, anywhere, and with all the right moves. Hell yes.

#1. Under The Table & Dreaming

Dave Matthews
I know what you're thinking. At least, I know what you're probably thinking. Dave Matthews is not hotter than the other 9, actually 11, men on this list. But this list is who Katie believes is hottest. To me, Dave is number one as it would be blasphemy to say otherwise. I've seen him up close, and he has a subtle and very attractive boy-next-door charm to him. I'm in love with the way that he expresses himself, eloquently and always laced with light-hearted silliness.

On the surface, his bum is spectacular in a pair of jeans. His hair may be creeping high on his forehead, but you can ignore that when he begins to sing and his face contorts in the most adorable ways.

I find Dave's ability to speak honestly, with heart, and intellect to be his sexiest attribute. My favorite quote is a political one, because I find that it gets right down to the heart of my political centristisms.

"I think an important thing in this country to remember is that freedom is something that you reach for. A just society is something that you aim for. But you can never achieve it.

There's no way to have a free society, because it's no longer a society, then it's an anarchy. So it's something you should strive for -- intellectual freedom, but within reason. Physical freedom, but within reason.

You're free to go jogging, but you're not free to shoot someone. We should be free to think what we like, but we shouldn't necessarily be free to stand outside somebody's home and scream damnation at them because they don't think like us.

And you strive for justice. And I feel like as I watch politicians talk I wonder, 'Why are you wasting your time? There's so many things that you could be doing.' But that's my problem. We all can be romantics and I guess that's where I am, a romantic."

I have to say that in the end, I'm also a romantic.


Katie's Top 10

I've been watching what seems to be an endless amount of television shows with the top (whatever number) hottest celebrities. I've been constantly wondering what my list would be.

So here it is, from the boredom of Katie and her slow weekend. Katie's Top 10 Gals n' Guys... beginning with the gals, since the most recent show I watched was Maxims Hot 100.

Next post will be my Top 10 Guys, since it'll take me a little longer to get through that.

#10. Wednesday Adams

Christina Ricci
I've always had a certain appreciation for women with strong and quirky features. While Christina is by no means the most beautiful girl, she has a dark and punk kind of look to her; an attitude of sorts. I really wish she would gain some weight, but even as gauntly as she tends to be, she's still quite lovely with her huge, dark eyes and the unique 5-head.

I've been a fan since she was a child star in movies like "Casper" and "Now and Then".

#9. Rogue

Anna Paquin
Another one of my favorite former kiddy stars, she was the fair complected girl who had a deep love for duck-like foul in "Fly Away Home". If you don't get the subtext to that, I should let you know that I have an unnatural and quite adolescent obsession with ducks.

Anna is better known for her role as Rogue on X-Men, playing the girl who could touch no one. I love her for her alabaster complection, and strong, feminine features.

#8. Angela Chase

Claire Danes
Claire was the star of my second favorite television show of all time, My So-Called Life. She played an angsty teenager in the mid-nineties grunge era, opposite one of the most beautiful actors alive, Jared Leto (who will make an appearance on my Top 10 boys list). I'm also partial to her performance as a star-crossed lover in Romeo + Juliet.

Claire emits a natural, girl-next-door beauty that is both down to Earth and highly enviable.

#7. La Tortura

This belly throttling hispanic import has hella stage presence. I've watched some of her taped performances, and was completely floored by how well she commanded a stage. Her voice can sometimes sound a little odd, but this pop princess knows how to shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Her appeal is evident in her curvaceous yet toned body and adorable child-like face.

#6. Princess Padme

Natalie Portman
She got her start in showbiz as a Lolita-esque protege of a hit man in "The Professional". She then practically starred in several of the "Star Wars" episodes and has slowly moved into the romantic comedy section of Blockbuster... though her last hit was a dark gothic rip off of the book "1984" in the newish flick "V for Vendetta".

I favor Natalie's delicate complexion, with exotic features inherted by her father, a native Isreali. She's Harvard educated and smart as heck.

#5. Joey Potter

Katie Holmes
For six seasons of my TV enthused life, Katie played a tween hopelessly betrothed to the Speilburg-poster-humping Dawson Leery. She was, literally, the girl next door. She was repressed, confused, and obsessed... but equally endearing and beautiful.

I find her attractiveness in her overemphasized features; huge, puppy dog eyes, a round, pouty mouth and a thousand watt smile. There are some who hate the snickery expressions she tends to make, while I adore them.

#4. Aeon Flux

harlize Theron
This girl has been many things; an Astronauts wife, the mother of a kidnapped and weezy Dekota Fanning, married to the Devil's hot advocate, a homicidal lesbian prostitute headed for death row, and an Alaskan factory worker standing up for her female rights. She's been spectacularly gorgeous in all... or most of them...

What about Charlize is so darn gorgeous? Well, what isn't. Her face says it all.

#3. Izzy Stephens

Katherine Heigl
She portrays the caring, fun, and erratic Doctor Isabelle Stephens on currently my favoritest show ever (!) "Grey's Anatomy". As the story goes, Izzy is former trailer park trash who gave up her baby and eventually paid her way through college by modeling, all on her road to Seattle Grace Hospital. Now that her heart patient fiance croaked, she's moved on emotionally to her bestest bud, George.

Katherine is unnaturally endowed with multiple features; tall stature, big boobs, curvaceous bod, and a round, doll like face. I hate to love to hate her every Thursday night.

#2. Buffy Summers

Sarah Michelle Gellar
As star of my all-time favorite television show, Sarah automatically gets top ranking in my heart. She spent 7 years as the slayer of vampires, weilding the sexy undead hearts of one intolerably hot Angel and a bad boy named Spike or William the Bloody, if you will. The last time I saw Sarah, she was either gallavanting with a computer animated Scooby Doo or running around a haunted house in Japan on the set of "The Grudge". Anything else she's worked on is heretofor ignored.

I think a girl is sexy and interesting if she has such features that are entirely unique but not gouging (a.k.a. Angelina). SMG has one of those faces that seems remarkable; maybe it's the sharp juts of her nose, the contrasting fullness of her cheeks or her big, defined eyes. Either way, I've always found the Buffster stunning *though she could use a couple pounds added to her rediculously tiny frame*.

#1. Kate Austin

Evangeline Lilly
She is Kate. Before she crashed and burned on an unknown island, she was on the lamb for blowing up her greasy biological father. Whilst living on the hellish island, she caught herself in the middle of a sexy love triangle between the rugged Sawyer and the doctor and leader, Jack. Lucky bitch.

Personally, I think Evangeline has everything. Her body is muscular, but somehow still curvy. Her face has the cute element of "Freckles" (A.K.A. Sawyer's nickname for her), and yet when she thows on some makeup, it's elegant and classically beautiful. She can pull off the 'rolled around in the mud for 6 months and never showered' look, and 'Emmy Awards glamorous' without even trying.

The girls were easy. Here comes the hard part.

Next up ---> Boys!!!


F to the Y to the I

Just to let y'all know, my computer has officially breathed its very last breath.

Therefor, I will only be able to update at work *when nobody is actively eyeing me* or when I'm at the aunts house. So I may not be keeping you up to date.... at least until I find a replacement CPU.

However, I am available to update you for today.
The job is going AWESOME.♥ ♥ ♥ I love it to deaths ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm even in the process of using one of their programs to catch up on my rent so that I won't be a street rat! I'll actually have $$ in my pocket this month!! Holy George Michael!!

That's the official word in the world of Katie. I'm supposed to be at the Aunties house this weekend with Booty the wonder dog, so I should have another couple posts.

I heart you guys.


"You can Barak me tonight"

According to an article on Theonlinewire.com, this video could actually give Senator Barack Obama a boost in his future presidential campaign. I guess this brings up the G-masta's point that a political candidate needs to be sexy.

This girl sure thinks he is.

*Just in case you can't watch the video, here are the lyrics to this song*

You seemed to float onto the floor
Democratic Convention 2004
I never wanted anybody more
Than I want you
So I put down my Kerry sign
Knew I had to make you mine
Smart, black and sexy
You’re so fine

‘Cause I got a crush on Obama
I cannot wait until 2008
Baby, you’re the best candidate
I like it when you get hard on Hillary in debate
Won’t you pick up the phone

‘Cause I got a crush on Obama
I cannot wait until 2008
Baby, you’re the best candidate
Up in the Oval Office
You’ll get your “Head of State”
I can’t leave you alone
‘Cause I got a crush on Obama

You’re into Border Security
Let’s break this border between you and me
Universal Healthcare Reform
It makes me warm
You tell the truth unlike the Right
You can love but you can fight
You can “Barack” me tonight

B to the A to the RACK OBAMA….


*Update* *I'm Sleepy*

My new jobbie job is here.

I refuse to go into detail about SNHS. I'm super-superstitous and have irrational fears that I'll jinx myself. I was going to make a pro/con entry, but I have too-often aired such stuff here. If I'm gonna try to be a pro-fesh-i-nalll, it means I will leave my home @ home and my work @ work. It's a two lane, one way street.... going in opposite directions... Oooooh Ya. Can you tell that I'm a tad delirious?!

I'll give ya my little photo of my adorable little cubicle and my yummy little iced coffee. You'll have to make do with that, my sexy bloggernauts.
Other than the jobby job ish, I don't have very much going on.

I've been hanging out with Heidi and her 2 babies... a.k.a. MY DAILY BIRTH CONTROL PILL.
I met up with my friend Ms. Jackie last night to check out an apartment two blocks down the street from my place. We ran into a friend of hers whilst eating, a South American Adonis of epic proportions, who is apparently a chubby chaser. Needless to say, I might have a booty call on board... *shh*

I'll check in with you later.
Oh, and Dora the Explorer is totally a lesbian.
And a tranny. A tranny lesbo.
Good 'nuff for you, G-Masta?!


Good News-ness

I gots me a jobby job!!

I interviewed for it on Thursday, was notified that I got it on Friday, and I start today (Monday, for my slow readers). As of today, I'm no longer a temp, and in 30 days... well kinda... I'll have real life insurance for big people!

I'll be working for a non profit company as an interviewer for low income people seeking assistance. It'll mostly be processing paperwork before they allow me to interact with the public, but the job should definitely keep me on my toes.

For now, it'll keep me from Boston, but maybe not forever. I'm mostly just happy for a paycheck... Wish me luck!