Always look on the bright side of life...

A curse on donut holes, and on all houses that distribute them.
In this case, the distributing house was my job.
And. Curse. Them. To. Heck.

Katie. 10 am. U.S. Cellular.

I wolfed them LUCIFER-MUNCHKINS down like Homer Simpson at the buffet, and I've spent the last two days paying the price. I knew that the result of this donut massacre would be unfun, yet I kept shoving them down the gullet, one after the other.

But there were so many varieties... shiny shiny chocolate, tasty nut covered, coconutty, powdery white and brown, yellowy glazed with juicy filling... in retrospect, it's apparent that the odds were against me.

What was previously thought as a gluten intolerance has u-turned into an allergy. I probably had about a handful of the Munchkins the first day, and ten or twelve on day two. In a past life, this may have meant a minor bellyache and a few funny dreams. Yet, I woke up at 4am with the serious need to throw up, and the inability to go back to sleep. After a full day of horrid nausea and migraines, I'm finally starting to teeter back to normality.

D. To the M. To the B. Oh, sheeeeit.

And... moving away from the horrible food occurrence, I secured my Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds ticket, with the assurance from a helpful chick that answered the phone at the stadium that my seat should be PRETTY RAD. This event is going to break me financially, but it's the kind of distraction I require.

It was a previously unannounced show added last minute for Amherst, Massachusetts. I've become too accustomed to buying tickets to a show to wait 6 months to actually see it. It'll be nice to wait only 3 weeks.

This should be the concert of my dreams, considering that the band won't be attacking me with hours of solos and songs I care little for *or have heard live several times already*.

Instead, it will be Dave on the mic, a guitar strapped to his sexy chest and Tim by his sexy side, with little else to do but blabber away and sing his usual solo awesome-ness.

It should kick arse.

Assuming that I keep away from donuts and their unholy holes.

For reals.

A third note, this is for you Sourpatchness, I've been reading this blog ((http://www2.blogger.com/www.youcantmakeitup.blogspot.com)) by a funny gal from the big NY, and have been completely absorbed in it. It's harmlessly insane, with the writer obsessed with odd animal photos *such as the above one* and an underage celebrity hot boy *though I can't blame her with Harry Potter, that kid is going to be smokin'*.

This particular post http://youcantmakeitup.blogspot.com/2005/10/best-thing-ive-read-today.html is one I know you'll find funny, G-ness.

The blog is authored by Michelle Collins, a for-real blogger for my favorite show on the planet, Best Week Ever (should be called BEST SHOW EVER, har-har!). Check out the post, and the rest of her blog, if you haven't already. It's been giving me a serious case of the giggles whilst in the crappiness of my current situation.


sourpatchbaby said...

Titty bar bob? Titty bar bob? I think that theres something seriously wrong with that chick. And why was she fluffing her boobs? I'm sorry to hear that flour is so bad to you. Would you like me to give it a nice kick in the eye?

Katherine Marie said...

I'm mostly angry with the donut holes for being so darn seductive.

If you could just give them a good beating, I would really appreciate it.

I thought the blog was hilarious. And did you check out the rest of the site, with all of the 'animals in bandages' pictures?!