I dedicate this post to Angry Jessica.

Because it's obvious this girl needs the attention. She wrote a response post to my Top 5 WTF's (which, to refresh your memory, were blogs I found through the NextBlog option, and found myself laughing at).

"why the hell are you making fun of other people's blogs and thoughts? they don't make them for you...they make them for theirselves. if you don't like it, don't f'n read it. your blog sucks, but it doesn't matter b/c it's your own dumb mind and you have every right to be dumb and immature on your own blog. get a life."

First of all, I'm going to make the same suggestion that you have made to me. If my blog sucks so much, why are you reading it? I didn't make it exclusively for you, ANGRY JESSICA. While you have a minor point that maybe I shouldn't be making fun of other blogs, the other side of the coin is that they are public and therefor leave themselves open to scrutiny. As I have left my blog open to your angry remarks.

My favorite part of this little one sided argument you left on my blog is when you say it doesn't matter b/c it's your own dumb mind and you have every right to be dumb and immature on your own blog. Yes, that's correct, I do have a right to be "dumb" and "immature" on my own blog. But leaving a nasty message on someones blog calling them names and saying they suck is what I would title as "dumb" and "immature".

So who's calling the kettle black here?

Well, ANGRY JESSICA, it was wonderful hearing your commentary and thanks for giving me a little chuckle! Please stop by again, since my blog is public and open to your angry thoughts. I noticed you have your own blog set to private and it makes me a little curious. Since you seem to have strung together a rather large load of hypocracy and terrible grammar in just one small paragraph, I doubt it's anything worth reading.


O NO! Mo' Kitties!

I'm running into these lolcat things everywhere, and I'm beginning to fear that there are cats all over America constantly under the spotlight of a digital camera, while their owners maniacally wait for them to do something cute.

Anyways, these are my current findings. Enjoy! ♥


On a sillier note...

I saw these on ROFLcat.com, so I thought I should share them with you.

My personal favorite is Invisible Shopping Cart.


Where you are is where I belong.


I miss (Tim) so damn much! I ask whatever God there may be... I ask with my hands raised high above my frustrated head...

Is it asking too much to see him just once?

I see other Warehouse Boys all the time.

It seems somehow terrible to me, but no men named Tom, Gustavo, Ben *or otherwise* are ever going push him out of my head... so it seems.

I feel like I'm crazy, but what if I really did walk away from the only true connection I ever had? Why do I dream about him? Why do I think about him? Why?!

Sometimes, if I'm having a bout with insomnia, I think about his smile. It makes me feel safe.

For christ sakes. I'm telling this to the 'net cause I have to say it. I've internalized this for so long. I need an outlet. I'm still in love with him. How, exactly, and why?

Where are you going?
With that long face pulling down
Don't hide away

You are like an ocean
That I can't see but I can feel
Your waves crash down...

I am no super man
Not at all
And I have no answers for you
I am no hero
Oh, and that's for sure

But I do know one thing
Where you are is where I belong.
I do know where you are is where I want to be.

Where are you going?
Where do you go?


Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else.

Is this a Squirrel Pirate, or a Pirate Squirrel? You decide.

I've been feeling a little disassociative lately. It's all the dressing up and enthusiastic smiling and trying so darn hard to be "Focused, Commited, HUMAN FIREWALL Katie". Yes, that's right, we need to see ourselves as human firewalls. It sounds kind of like a super hero, so I'm down with it.

Here again, I'm not going to delve into the new job too much because while I'm mostly afraid of some kind of jinx... it has more to do with the sensitive nature of the vocation. You understand. I will say that I have been extremely stressed out, with much cause. All I can do is be optimistic and work hard, right? I hope. Gahd, I really really hope it's enough.

I don't have a computer yet (sad face), I happen to be at my aunts house giving both you and my Ipod a much needed update. It looks like a new PC may be on the horizon, however (happy face).

I'm also thinking about getting some kind of Iphone or Ipax so that I can completely avoid the temptation to surf at work. If it saves my bum, it just might be worth the investment... since I lack in the self-control department. You know this especially, G-masta.

Anyhoo, it will suffice to say that my life is extremely transitional at the moment, and I'm putting in my best effort. Again, wish me luck, I may even ask for prayers at this point.