Oh, yes, she did just say that.

I've transcribed a part of the video for my friend who cannot watch it, because she is at work. This is my favorite moment from all three videos due to the the slow realization that the mother is finally arriving to. So here you go, G, enjoy.

Alexis: I want to ask you right now, if you’re not standing at attention, to stand in Vagina Power and manifest your destiny.

You know this is October, and in a few days we’ll be in Halloween. So I was thinkin’, I usually don’t celebrate Halloween, go trick or treatin’ anymore, but all girls need to go out and buy a costume.

And the costume I am choosing to stand in Vagina Power in is a pilot. I’m piloting the pussy! See, you need to be a pilot of the pussy, y’all!

Y’all gots to be the pussy PO-lice! Cause if you don’t be careful, these men that y’all are commitin’ to is giving the dick away that’s got to go up in yo’ vagina! The vagina is not safe, cause the men that we have designated to be our men cannot be trusted!

They done taken the wedding ring off they finger. They scared because they’re afraid that the wedding band is going to be a noose around their nuts! I mean a true Nut Bracket. To lock them in and keep them in check so they can’t give it no nobody else.

So a lot of them have not only taken the wedding band off their finger, they done taken the wedding band off they nuts!

[interrupted by a loud, high pitched sigh in the background]

Alexis: Oh, scuse me, but my mother’s here with us. Do you have a comment?

[horror plastered across the mothers face as she looks carefully at her daughter]

Mother: No, I aint sayin’ nothin’. I didn’t say nothin’.

Alexis: Did you want to say something to add to my program?

Mother: I wasn’t ready for no “Vagina Police”. Salute th-

[Alexis raises hand to forehead]


Mother: No. You didn’t just say that.


sourpatchbaby said...

OMG!!!!!?!! She did not say that in front of her mother! I mean, my mother thinks that The Hubby and I sleep in separate rooms. What kind of crazy pot was she on? Dear lord, she's gone bat swick!

Katherine Marie said...

Yes, well, her mother appears to be some kind of sidekick during the show.

In the first two episodes, she's interested in what her daughter is saying. She chimes in, asks questions, and only stops once in awhile to give her the "WHAT THE FUCK" face.

But it's apparent that her mother is finally seeing that her spawn is out of her frigging mind. (HILARIOUSLY, though, as she is.)

I happened to have paused the video on the exact moment in the picture. I couldn't stop laughing at the mother's face.

Laurie said...

My mom would bitchslap me LOL