The stamp on my ticket to Hell.

katiewnh (9:39:15 PM): It's pretty bad when I scream "BITCH!" at a parapalegic.

SalBroadhill (9:39:26 PM): Hmm.
SalBroadhill (9:39:38 PM): That's impressive.

katiewnh (9:39:47 PM): And envy her. And want to steal her wheelchair and breathing device.

SalBroadhill (9:40:25 PM): What, does she have platinum spinner rims, diamond encrusted valves, and a gold grill?

katiewnh (9:40:16 PM): Dave Matthews should be my Make-A-Wish.
katiewnh (9:40:27 PM): That bitch.

SalBroadhill (9:40:59 PM): You realize you seem like a crazy person?

katiewnh (9:41:26 PM): I am a crazy person. Have you learned nothing?!

Look at that flashy top. Does she have no shame?!

I know I don't....


sourpatchbaby said...

I might sound evil when I say this, but why is she dressed sluttily? Is she trying to get some?

Katherine Marie said...

I know! Hobag central!

Katherine Marie said...

If there is a Hell, this is the stamp on my ticket.

sourpatchbaby said...

I guess we both went down that road, huh?