I took in a cat, who I renamed from the awful "Pepper" tag, to Kyra. I removed her from my cousin's house, since he decided that he was going to kick her out because she was getting out of the house. Which is rediculous. She is a really well tempered cat and has intergrated into my house really well. But, oh, yeah, she was pregnant. She is no longer.

Officially, I have six cats. Two adults: Lula and Kyra. Then there is Lilly, Cortez [the killer], Granny and Julio. Except I just took them to the vet, and it turns out that Lilly is a boy and Cortez is a girl.

I could switch the names, but they're temporary, so who cares, right? Of course, they are all named after Dave Matthews related titles. So this makes me limited in my re-assigning of names. There are over a hundred titles, but there are a lot of numbers and non-namable songs.

I have thought about keeping one baby. Maybe Granny, but only because I would be insane to keep three long haired gray cats in my house. I figure that I'll have three, but as long as they all stay in different rooms it'll seem like I only have one. Yes, this is my logic.

The only permanent home right now is for a girl at work who apparently has been searching high and wide for a kitten. She's a single mom and has been looking for a kitten for herself and her son, mostly a "mouse-hunting cat" and companion. She seems really nice and was nervous that I wouldn't give her one in the end. This is so not the case. I can deal with THREE but not SIX. I advised that she will be accruing her portion of the vet fees [so far it is $20 a cat].

The only other [probable] taker is this woman who works at the veteranarian's office. I took out Julio and she put her hands up to her mouth hesitantly as her eyes became as wide as saucers. She told me that she had this cat named "Bubba" and he died eight years ago, since then she has been looking for a red-orange tabby boy and no cat has come close. Except for Julio.

I mean, she looked at this kitten like I looked at Dave Matthews when he was about a foot away from me. She works at the vets office and is obviously an animal lover. How can you say no to that?

So now I get to take care of them for 8-10 weeks. My house is going to be in nightmare shape, but at least I get the fun part. I get the fat little babies running around my house, and then I will send them to good homes. This will be the only litter I will ever have, though if I ever move to a bigger apartment [at some point I hope to] like a duplex or something, I would definitely consider rescuing other cats with litters. Just to one up my crazy cat lady status.

For now, I gots six cats.

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