I haven't written in my blog in like, forever. It's mostly because I feel like nobody really reads it any more (sad face). It is also because I spend at least eight hours a day umbilically attached to computer, so my tolerance for sitting in front of one to voice my thoughts has been very low. I thought I would throw out some updates, in case anybody cares!

One awesome thing about my job is that they are paying for college! I had to find a major that I could start with online and that my job would deem customer service related. I squeezed by with 'English Language & Literature'. This satisfies my second love, next to art. Since the dusk of high school, I have become an obsessive reader. I love writing creatively, but I definitely need guidance. I honestly don't know what kind of secondary job it could lead to. I'm leaving all of my options open. There is a hope that I could work in publication- something independent but exciting. Who knows, right?

It is kind of insane that I haven't written in my blog because I loathe computers, but wish to take online classes 2-3 days a week. It was a difficult decision, but with my strange schedule and the easier entry, it made more sense to me.

I almost went through the grueling process of attending UNH because of it's close proximity and awesome academics. The truth is, I may still consider it. The only problem is that my job limits the amount of degrees it will pay for, so I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck. I will go through a semester online with SNHU, if I'm unhappy with it, I'll look into transferring the credits to UNH and start with something else. Another complication with that idea is that I am trying to get the Bachelors under my belt for the possibility of needing it in the next four years. I'm a little unsure that I will last even that long at my company. It's actually a little back up plan, fleeting as it may be.

Backup plans are ALWAYS necessary in my life.

On the life front, I'm getting optimistic. I have a ton of vacation time this year (4 weeks!), so I'm planning a similar but better trip to last year's cheap Arizona getaway. We've been looking at flights to San Diego - we will hang there for a few days and then drive to Arizona. I really loved Arizona, but I felt a little ripped off by the limitations of the desert. I had planned on seeing the ocean because I was told Tuscon was in close enough proximity to California & Mexico. There was no specific plan to do so and it was reliant on the people lodging us, so it never happened. This year, we're planning California first, and we will share driving privileges as I will hopefully have my license by then (halfway there! passed the written!). Even if I don't, I can still help drive in Arizona- the lanes are ridiculously huge and a six year old could successfully navigate the highway.

I also have a three day vacation (wednesday through the weekend) scheduled for this coming week. I'm thinking about canceling it and pushing it back to the following week which has a payday and maybe squeezing in a very short getaway. The cheapest last minute deals are in Orlando, of which I would have to spend at least a day or two at Disney. So I would definitely need my paycheck. It depends on if the vacation schedule will allow me to do it, but I'm highly considering it. With this awful weather and my overworked buttocks, I really need some warm weather NOW. And some alone time.

Otherwise, my life consists of working and sleeping. Which is okay, for now.

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sourpatchbaby said...

Hey dude, if you do come to Orlando let me know. I can get you a sweeet deal on some tickets to disney. Plus you can meet the kidlets too.